Les Miserables on the radio.

Yeah, so hi. Guess why I'M here?

Just to be helpful
BBC Radio 7 is replaying their adaptation of Les Miserables everyday this week. you can listen again on the website
or listen at 8pm on Saturday to episodes 1-5
It'll be goodish, but there is a character called Inspector Javert in the prison at hte beginning. *eyeroll*

What do people think of the 1978 version with Anthony Perkins? I thought he was kind of good, unlike most tv/film adaptations.

has anyone seen the recent TV adaptation with Gerard Depardieu and Kohn Malkovitch?
and finally
Javert *drool, sigh, swoon*
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Additions to The List

Several new additions to the Javert/Valjean List:

PG: Father Christmas

PG-13: He Knows His Way In The Dark

R: Deep Blue


IMPORTANT NOTE TO axmxz:</span>


Your fic, while slashy in nature, does not explicity include this pairing. If you wish to remedy this situation, writing chapters of the required nature is the simplest way. $100 is acceptable as well. Small bills only, please.

Happy Reading! ~Tay-kun
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Javert found! In a small, cheap bottle of wine! In Glasgow! With a new first name -- he must've dropped Snookums.

Heeh. Well, it amused me for a while.
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Because there's a definite lack of posting here, I'll ask a question to spur discussion or something. Right- What kind of handwriting do you think Javert would have?

Excuse the utter random-ness of the topic; I was thinking about it one day.

Well, have fun, guys.

Fic: Eclipse, Javert/Eponine, PG13. Angsty.

Title Eclipse
Author: Sionnain
Fandom: Les Miserables (Musical)
Pairing: Javert/Eponine, but only just. Unrequited Eponine/Marius, Montparnasse/Eponine.
Summary: Light breaks where no sun shines. -Dylan Thomas.
Rating: PG13 I'd say
Word count: 4385
Warnings: Tiny, tiny bit of breathplay but it's very, very slight. This fic is HEAVY on the angst, and includes a canonical Character Death.

AN: My thanks to jazzypom for the beta. This fic is for ion_bond, who encouraged me to write it. It's my first Les Miserables fanfiction, though I've been a fan of the musical, the book, and even the movie for ages.

Collapse )
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Hello; I'm looking for a fic that I recently read on ff.net which I can't seem to find again. In it, Valjean is shot on the barricades and is dying, and Javert finds him in time to have a bit of a chat. It was quite interesting, so if anyone knows where it's gone...please tell me. Thanks. :)
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Listing of Javert/Valjean Slash