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It is done. After 6 years, 2 months, and 3 days, "Between the Dog and the Wolf" is now finished. 92,070 words, 64 chapters, and one mega-happy ending. (Well, sort of.) In effect, my first actual novel.

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Hello, everyone! Just dropped in to say that I've only just found this community and read through most of the posts and comments and am very glad of it. I'm not going to lie, I've been converted into loving Les Mis only recently - in fact, since the cast of the new Polish production was announced and a certain baritone whom I wholeheartedly adore was cast as Javert. This led me to get more into the musical - which I liked before but was not crazy about - and then I read the novel, and, well... you know the story. So I'm not ashamed of my blatantly fangirlish motives, since it's not the first time that they led me to discover something awesome :)

I decided to join this community to show my appreciation for the amazing amount of knowledge you people have, for the devotion and the passion you devote to the subject and for the fantastic artwork that's been posted here. You guys rock. I'm very impressed by the high level of discussions going on here and the genuine good-natured atmosphere of this group. The Inspector himself could have been proud of you - that is, if he could be proud of anyone worshipping his person. That said, I hope that this community is not dead yet and that you'll still read my ramblings.

Much love from a Polish Javert-lover and hopefully keep up the good work! From my part, I'll try not to assault you with mad ravings about our new Warsaw Javert when the production opens in September. Much.
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The New Dutch Cast

I thought I'd share the first "performance" of the new Dutch cast. It's at the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam, which is more or less a presentation of upcoming shows. The vid contains both I Dreamed A Dream and One Day more.

Javert is played by Wim van den Driessche (I figured I'd keep it on topic), a really amazing actor who is among my favourites. I think he'll make a fantastic Javert.

Anyway... enjoy!

New here but offering a present! ^^

Heya everyone... I´m new here although I´ve been reading LesMis ffs for a few weeks now, 
but since I haven´t found many fanpics, I decided to post my first Javert/Valjean attempt here. 
Unfortunately, I didn´t manage to find out how to post it here, so I inserted the link to 
DeviantArt.... ^^°
It was inspired by Sue´s wonderful ff  "As Lucifer Fell" and the sequel. 
I hope you like it! 
Bites, Kokoro

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Les Bunnyables!

Title: Les Bunnyables (Part 11 in the Plotbunny-series)

Author: </a></b></a>slashydutchie

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Could be seen as House/Chase and Plotbunnies/everyone, I suppose ;) Also some Javert/Valjean from Les Mis, but in the form of House and Chase

Summary: This is what happens when House and Les Mis bunnies attack at the same time.

Disclaimer: Nobody owns the plotbunnies… and I don’t own House.

A/N: This is actually part of my Plotbunny-series in the House & Chase community, but since I used Les Mis in this I figured I'd go ahead and post it here as well. Especially since House is convinced he's Javert. You can read this on its own, but it's most fun if you also read the other parts of the series. The other parts can also be found in my LJ.


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